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Free sex dates, the Internet is full of dating sites claiming to be free. You are not going to want to read the next line but it just isn't true, there is no such thing as a totally free dating site. You can either believe what I tell you now or spend the next dozen hours, days and months searching in vain. Most sites have a free membership offering where you are permitted to sign up and create a profile but you try taking it any further, try contacting someone that takes your fancy and a box will pop up informing you that you will need to upgrade your account or purchase tokens.

Ask yourself a few basic questions, why would anyone create a site that would see them millions out of pocket. Yes I did say millions and here is the reason why. If there was truly a free sex dating site out there millions would join, they would all ditch their current sites and join the free one. Word would get around so fast that the expansion of the site would see it growing to immense proportions. The server and space required to host such a monster would probably be equivalent to the size of eBay so without a membership fee who is going to pocket the huge monthly bill.

Secondly do you believe running and maintaining such a site would be possible on auto pilot? It would take a team of dozens to maintain. A technical support team to fix it when broken, state of the art security to keep members details personal and away from would be hackers and a team of adults to check that nothing illegal was being uploaded by members and while on the sticky subject of legality, unless you enter a payment method how do you prove you are of legal age and how do you prove you are not exploiting anyone. A free sex dating site would be overrun with shady characters in days, all offering sex trade victims from lesser established countries.

I could go on and list a dozen more reasons why you will never find a totally free dating site hopefully you will place reason and common sense over your yearning to discover something that just isn't out there. So now that your hopes of finding a free dating site are dashed what should you do? Personally I wouldn't join a site that uses a token method; you could contact five people and receive no replies. Instead I would join a site that offered pay monthly membership and totally free browsing of the other member's profiles. I wouldn't sign-up straight away though, I would create a profile first and take my time looking through all the profiles and jotting down the ones I intended on contacting.

Once I had everything in place I would join for a month and make swift contact with those on my list and it wouldn't be a quick hey do you fancy a shag one liners. For more details of what I like to say to people take a look at my creating a profile and finding a sex date tip from the drop down menu at the top of the page. Remember the old saying if it is too good to be true, well free dating sites are exactly that. Anyway, I could find myself at least a dozen shag dates in 30 days, do I believe the nominal membership fee is that much to pay bearing this in mind?

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